I fell in love with food when I was very young, but also had kids and fell in love with motherhood, homemaking, and caring for little people. It wasn’t until later that I knew I wanted to open a catering company. It seemed like the perfect compromise: I could plan my schedule ahead of time, make sure the kids were taken care of, and still cook professionally.

So, I did. I spent years studying; putting myself through a do-it-yourself-cooking-school-of-sorts while I worked in the catering industry, put myself through college (almost all the way) as an English major, and raised three little munchkins with the best hearts you’ve ever seen. God, those babies are precious.

After running Blush Catering for four years, I’ve handed it off to pursue new things. It was time for me to slow down, be a mommy again, cook at home, and breathe a little. I still work in the food industry (on the distribution end) but love to share my recipes, thoughts on life, and ideas for making it easier and more beautiful.

Oh, and P.S. – I eat gluten free (yes, I have to do that, and it’s no big deal – it’s not about deprivation, it’s about taking care of my body the way it needs to be taken care of) so, you’ll only find gluten free recipes here. I don’t – but my family does – eat dairy. I’m getting old. I just don’t digest the stuff the way I used to. I have no moral qualms about consuming beautiful cheeses, I just like my…regularity…if you know what I mean. So, there’s that. My oldest son is allergic to peanuts, so there’s not a lot of that ingredient in my recipes (I usually spoon peanut butter out of the jar and directly into my mouth…it’s for his protection).  By default, this is an allergic-to-stuff friendly blog. But it’s also a delicious one. So jump in and enjoy yourself. Indulge for heaven’s sake.

– Jen {pictured with my family}

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