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Pomegranate and Lime Spritzer

Last week was hotttt in the East Bay. I’m completely complaining. I was born for temperatures between 60 and 85…like, San Francisco temperatures…but I was not born for the San Francisco rent prices…at least not while I have three children and a dog to house and feed.

I digress.

Onto the facts: the best way to shut me up on a hot day, is to cool me down with a refreshing adult bevvie. This one is so quick and easy you’ll feel…well…like you’re enjoying a quick and easy spritzer. And I’m starting to feel like champagne is for every-day consumption, especially when you’re a fancy-ass like me.

So, get to it! Get your fancy ass drinking some champagne and juice! {add a little squeeze of lime, or a bit of mint for extra yum}

I used a standard pint glass, about 2/3 cup champagne, 1/3 cup Pomegranate Limeade from TJ’s, and ice from my freezer.



Easy Squeezy. Summer Breezy.  Enjoy!

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