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I’m sharing my facebook post from earlier today, because, well, I kind of like it:

I work in sales for a gourmet food distributor in the Bay Area. I visit chefs all day, every day. Today, I walked in to meet with one of my clients and his crew at an upscale country club. When I arrived, around 1:00 pm, they were seated together at a round table, eating “family meal” which, today, happened to be a giant bowl of steamed mussels, and they were sopping up the broth with crusty baguette. In regular Jen fashion, I smacked my leg and sighed loudly and said, “You’re eating mussels? What? Dang you guys, if I hadn’t just had lunch, I would join you. I’d just invite myself to lunch with you.”

And the chef asked in his German accent, “Are you European? Because you look like a Russian girl. And only a European girl would invite herself to lunch like that because of mussels.”

It was a compliment – quite a good one, actually. Because I may not be European, but my eating habits are hardly American.

Then they fought over the few oysters left over from lunch service, and the sous said he could tell I was a kitchen person because nothing they said made me blush.

I will always love the people and the food and things that happen in the world where stainless steel tables and flat tops and white coats collide.

*By “flat tops,” I mean flat-top grills for searing and such, not the hair-do. I happen to HATE that hair-do.


Because my old life as the owner of a catering company is still winding down, there are a couple loose ends here and there and such, so over the weekend, I had to fulfill an existing contract and provide a bride and groom with a wedding cake, which is always so much fun.

This particular shot was taken during a very short break in the pouring rain.  The wedding was lovely in spite of the weather, and everyone ended up just fine.  In my opinion, we don’t spend nearly enough time running, dancing, or even walking in the rain, and when that rain is a warm end-of-summer rain, why not get married in it, heck?

This cake was a gluten-free chocolate-dipped strawberry cake. And it was yum. Recipe, coming soon, to a bunny-topped blog near you.

Fallon And Paul's Cake


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