So, Come On Already, Autumn…

Well, not too fast. I have a lot to do before Autumn’s arrival.

I love the sun as much as any Californian, however, fall is my favorite time of year. I was born in October, so I tend to feel like autumn was the universe’s gift to me. Cozy sweaters. Golden leaves. Weather wet enough to make me want to snuggle up with all the books I somehow never read in college. Winter Squash. Chicken and rice soup. Hot tea. Sigh.

I’ll be maturing this year to the ripe ol’ age of thirty. I’m totally good with it. I’ve looked forward to my thirties my whole life (call me weird) so I’m ready. Bring that shit on.

I also get to spend my thirtieth on my honeymoon, so there’s that fun fact. It’s going to be a beautiful year.

I started browsing for fall 2013 trends, mostly because, when it’s still too warm out to layer up, it’s fun to look ahead and re-think my summer wardrobe, brainstorming how to wisely put it to work in cooler weather.

I can’t wait to pull out my knee-high wedge boots.

But I will soak up these last couple months of sunny-day jogs with the dog. I will eat every last heirloom tomato I can get my grubby mitts on. And I will get the most out of the longer days while I can.

Vitamin D. It’s an important thing.


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