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San Francisco Date Night, Part 1

Dating sucks. You put yourself through this perpetual interview process with people you hopefully find somewhat attractive and then brace for the likelihood of a subsequent disappointment when a) you find out that your date has a collection of Star Wars bobble heads/a drinking problem/eight previous wives, b) your date finds that cute little delicate mole on your neck el disgustingo, or c) you’re just not that into each other.

Dating someone you love already, however, can be a grand event – one that can leave you realizing that the simple act of enjoying each other’s company over cocktails and dinner can become part of a collection of moments that help define you, your relationship, and your love for each other.

So, when my love insisted on pampering me for a weekend – treating me to pre-dinner cocktails at Bourbon & Branch and then letting me pick a spot for dinner, I was excited and anticipated a good time. It was better than I expected.

Bourbon & Branch is a San Francisco speakeasy that their website describes as “a glimpse back on the 1920’s and the era of Prohibition when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage was outlawed. You’ll experience the ambiance of that time in an actual speakeasy that operated illegally at this location from 1921 to 1933.”

The cocktails are to die for. I don’t remember the name of the first one I had (it was the special of the day) but it was a gin and ginger thing that was probably the best cocktail I’ve ever had. It had the perfect level of ginger infusion. It warmed my mouth toward the end of each sip in such a nice spicy way, and never punched me in the throat with too much of that lovely yet pungent root.

Make reservations. You’ll get a secret word, and a time slot, and a very nice hostess will greet you at the door. She’ll ask for your password, and lead you into a dimly lit room with candles. Once your eyes adjust, you can read the drink menu by candlelight and order away. Because there is no photography allowed inside, I’ll leave you with this simple shot of the door leading into the speakeasy.

Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch


Next up, Dinner at AQ…stay tuned!


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