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Street Style: On Denim Shirts

This week in The Synthie, I featured Austin Lyons in the Street Style section. He’s hilarious. I’ve never had a conversation with the man that didn’t include silly words from a lot of strange angles. I loved his old school camera and denim shirt with the laid back cuffed jeans and Vans. The way he wore his hat tilted up was so cute and simultaneously preppy and youthful. In keeping with the Austin Lyons denim shirt theme, I also captured some really cool denim shirts on one of my recent trips to San Francisco. Here you are, folks:

Oh, and P.S. my camera did some weird thing (it must have some lint or be ruined or something, so the dark spot in the center of the frames…that’s the camera…not the people with armpit stains or backpack stains or lower left hip stains. I only shot photos of clean people). Shrug. Life, you know. Lovely and imperfect.


I really liked this guy’s whole situation. Cool sandals, too.


Shirt deets.


This guy…in a hurry.


So, technically this one’s a jacket. I liked the popped collar, the casual coolness and how, when paired with the brown pants, it kind of hearkens back to the 90’s in a way that made me feel warm. Though I was born in the ’80’s, I came of age in the 90’s. I’ll always love them a little.


Sir Austin.


I hate to see you leave, boo.


But love to see you walk away.

My Q&A with Austin from The Synth:

How do you earn your bread?
I mostly make money selling stuff on Ebay that I get from auctions, yard sales, and thrift stores.

If attacked by a rabid chihuahua, what would you do?
Are there non-rabid chihuahuas?

What’s your favorite nail polish color for the summer 2013 season? Who wants to draw attention to the tips of their fingers? What a weird part of the body to want to emphasize. “Look! I have sexy cuticles!” So weird.

Indulge me.
I once went to a zoo. Would a Portland circus have monkeys riding fixed gears instead of tricycles?


2 thoughts on “Street Style: On Denim Shirts

  1. Even if the jeans were folded to ankle length, they’re still cool in the eyes. The idea was splendid, never thought that jeans will go well with that. And btw, I do have a jacket similar to the one the woman has – the difference is, it was customized for men – the one Jag has. I think, we have the same taste in style Jen!

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