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Southwest Regional Barista Competition…Style Shots.

I just returned from the Southwest Regional Barista Competition in lovely Santa Cruz, CA, where my friend, Erica Koenig competed for the regional title.  It was tons of fun. I’ll cover it in more detail in The Synthesis next week, but, first, I wanted to leave you with some style photos from the weekend.

Those coffee drinkers…they know how to dress. Actually, they know how to properly caffeinate, which leads to higher brain function, which (studies show) inspires greater creativity. Based on scientific evidence, drinking coffee makes you cooler.  Science.


Plaid tie. Plaid shirt. Subtle and Fun.


Great color. Socks, too.


Trending: peek-a-boo dress.


My personal favorite: pink shirt, military green jacket, adorb glasses, lace up boots.


Boy shoes.


I can’t repeat the conversation these boys were having when I snapped this photo, but it was worth the laugh, and they are looking good.


Get the shoes and the belt in the same shot!

P1010094 P1010107 P1010139


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