I have, how should we say? Issues, with turtlenecks.  It’s because they remind of me of style choices like these:

just horrible turtleneck Steve Jobs in a turtleneck

Neither of which are really up my alley. So, when turtlenecks started their ascent to re-trend-dom, I was a little nervous. I just have a hard time hanging with the style. Also, I had a dream the other night that I was eating cooked turtle and I felt weird about that, too. I kind of liked the taste of it, but wasn’t sure I really should like it. That’s how I feel about turtlenecks.

Then, in an instant, Garance Dore, genius that she is, changed my mind. I can’t tell for sure if her polka-dotted neck situation is a scarf or a turtleneck (this was in a Pardon My French video that you can watch here), but the way she’s got it layered with the denim button up shirt and the blazer, just effing work for me. Darn. You win, Garance.


So, I started looking for ways that a turtleneck might actually be of use to me in my future endeavors, and here are a few examples of ways to wear the turtleneck that I could see myself getting down with on occasion…special occasions…rare occasions.

Classy Office Turtleneck

Good for work

Kid's turtlenecks

How cute are these kids?


via The Sartorialist


Okay, I’m sold. Can we go write a play together? Smoke cigarettes in a Parisian cafe? Drink espresso? Eat cheese?


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