On Androgyny

Fashion, like food – or any art, for that matter – plays with perspective, juxtaposition, balance, and among many many other things, our social assumptions (things we deem “normal” in society).  When I’m not cooking or writing or trying to keep up with family life, or fit in some damned romance with my partner, I catch up on fashion blogs (now you know all my secrets).

I recently ran across the following photos from The Sartorialist. I was so excited to see that Burberry had played with androgyny in their Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s line (check out Large Spotted Animal Print Caban or watch the show, here…TONS of animal print for men…yes!), and because I usually wait until the weather turns a bit warmer to pull out my baggy boyfriend jeans, it was a pleasure to stumble across the photo at the bottom of this page, that turned me into a winter boyfriend jean fan, especially when the subtle irony of menswear (which I think is so sexy…and also completely arbitrary in that: what really is menswear/women’s wear anyway?) runs throughout the entirety of the ensemble except for very “feminine” long hair and made-up eyes.  Really, the idea of androgynous dress should be less about “wearing the opposite” and more about wearing what you love in the first place.  It’s really only because pervasive ideas about what men and women “should” wear, “should” do, and how they generally “should” behave that there’s any discussion on this at all…but as long as we’re still trying to figure ourselves out, provoking thoughtful discussion is useful, and important. See, Man to (wo)Man on The Man Repeller.

Only one more thing to note before I go: I’m not super excited about the return of turtlenecks…just sayin’.

Burberry (via The Sartorialist)

Burberry (via The Sartorialist)

(via The Sartorialist)

(via The Sartorialist)


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